With the Fourth of July around the corner, travel is all the buzz! Everyone travels at one point or another, and when they do, even the most avid athlete has trouble sticking to their healthy habits.

As creatures of habit, we can stick to a routine pretty easily. However, when we start traveling, our normal routines are completely thrown out the window and the smallest speed bump can cause us to fall off the wagon of healthy habits. Most would completely dial back on their exercise, causing their fitness progress to completely stall or even reverse all their hard work. Then afterwards, it becomes harder to try to get back into the routine.


To avoid getting derailed over vacation, we must first recognize the main excuses we could create and provide solutions to them.

I will be leaving my home gym behind

  •          If you need a gym, a lot of hotels have them! Many have the standard treadmill, elliptical, and free weights. And the best part? Most are free to use with your stay

I will not have a gym where I will be staying

  •          All you really need is a floor. If you can’t pull up a fitness video on YouTube, just think of your high school gym class: Jumping Jacks, push-ups, crunches, planks, lunges. As long as you are working different muscles groups, you can make a great workout for just 15 minutes being only in your hotel room.

I am a runner and there isn’t a treadmill available

  •          It is crucial to still fit in activity. Running is a great way to explore your new city! Luckily for you, if running isn’t your style, traveling provides lots of opportunities to be active! You can still walk around, hike, bike, and explore your surroundings (all for little to no costs)! If you are walking, try to wear a pedometer to track your steps. Often times we guess that we walked more and burned more calories than we actually did.

I want to enjoy the local foods

  •          You can still enjoy delicious foods while also practicing healthy habits. Make sure to not eat large serving sizes at a time, take leftovers, buy healthy snacks, drink plenty of water, etc.

No matter where you go traveling, it is important to create space to cater to yourself and your health. Don’t throw away all of your hard work, when it can be easy and fun to fit fitness in to your travels!