Getting Real.

The truth is that staying committed to a fitness routine can be super challenging. Like any dynamic relationship, we all go through the ups and downs of being in a committed to and inspired by our fitness programs and health goals. Sometimes the relationship is totally amazing and we feel positive that we can't live without the fantastic feeling that a great workout and clean diet give us...And then there are times that the will to stick to our fitness goals just isn't there. So what gives?


Many of our dilemmas with motivation and committment have to do with how we are talking to ourselves and how much love and support we are giving ourselves on a daily basis. it TAKES SOMETHING to stay motivated and positive every day. It takes a lot of self love and self-understanding.  

The fact that we are in this in order to keep our minds and bodies healthy for the long term can be easily forgotten when we only focus on the daily sweat and grind. Being hyper-focused on results, rather than the fitness journey (that is, our DAILY workouts, food choices and attitudes) can actually be less rewarding because we miss out on the smaller daily satisfactions and achievements. Daily praise and self-love keep us motivated. While we rely on our fitness instructors and communities to provide that to us, the most powerful LASTING source of motivation must come from within.  

The ability to access and practice self love and self acceptance are some of the most powerful fitness tools we have.

Here are three steps you can take to help rekindle the self love flame:

1) A helpful starting place it to get honest with yourself about where you are at (with your fitness) and what you need to do to change. 

2) Loving your body and yourself as you are NOW, teaches you to love your body and your self at any stage, any shape.

3) Learn to separate your identity and ability to love and accept yourself from the state of your fitness. This may seem counter intuitive because having our ego invested in looking and feeling good can be a big motivator, But - Working out and eating right become much more fun when you don't feel like you have to do it in order to love yourself and be loved by others.

Its the journey not the destination. Fitness is an every-day committment and love affair <3

Loving your body along the way will do wonders!