Looking for ways to get that summer vacation fix but don't have any vacation time left?

Here are 5 awesome #weekenwarrior trips that can be done in a weekend AND are full of opportunities to be active outside. For those of us who love vacation time and proper R&R but also like to get out there and PLAY, these are weekend jaunts you should consider checking out!

Weekend Warrior Disclaimer: These 5 trips are manageable weekend trip to those who live in the Santa Barbara/Southern California area. We know that our 5 WAYFIT community extends around the country and we love that(!) If you are one of those who aren't in the Socal area, take note of these 5 recommendations anyway because they make for fabulous longer vacations too!

1) Camp at Davy Brown Campground and do the hike that leaves right from the campground!

Head out of Santa Barbara heading north, take the 154 to Happy Canyon and take it all the way to to Davy Brown Campground (Get specific directions from an actual map). There you will find spacious campground for frisbee and campsite games, as well as a trail head that takes you through the canyon. You will follow the creek most of the way, but don't expect much water. (Make sure to get the required Adventure Pass before you go!)

2) Big Sur - Plaskett Creek

You can try to get a campsite here (which can be tough mid-summer) or just park for the day in the day-long parking lot and play on the grass and in the beach below. A short trail takes you down to the beach which is vast and spacious. There is plenty of room for beach games, jogging, yoga, etc and of course, SURF if you're a surfer. The waves and current are usually strong here so only experienced surfers here most days. I have seen people out on a SUP but only only very calm days ;)

3) Do a day trip out to Matillija Hot Springs in Ojai

Ok so this one is a bit more on the R&R side - but included here because hot springs are known to be nourishing to the body and soul. You may not be swimming laps in these pools, but being in them can be very regenerative. These hot springs were closed down for a few years for restoration - but the newly restored hot springs have now had a change to rehabilitate and were taken over by property managers who care deeply about the land and its preservation. The Matillija Hot Springs have re-opened, and there is now a fee associated with entry which goes toward continued preservation of the area. To get a workout in, you can hike the trail at the end of Matillija Canyon Road and then hit the hot springs on your way back toward Santa Barbara. 

4) A bike ride through wine country.. then celebrate accordingly :)

In Santa Barbara, we are lucky to have wine country in our backyard. Drive over the 154 and you are in the heart of Santa Ynez and Los Olivos wine country. Strap bikes on the back of your car and tour around this lovely area on your bike and once you get thirsty enough (haha) hop off at Los Olivos and take your pick from any one of the may wineries to choose from!

5)  Mammoth lakes Trails

A bit further away (you'll definitely want to head out of town Friday morning for this one) the Mammoth area is gorgeous in the summer time with ample hiking trails to choose from! If you hike far enough, you may even find some water.

We hope these suggestions are useful to you and they help inspire your next quick weekend trips. All of the above locations provide ample opportunity to stay active and have a blast while getting that sense of rest and rejuvenation that vacations give us.

When you get back, we will see you in class at 5 WAYFIT!