Getting a great workout usually leaves you feeling amazing afterward, with your serotonin levels boosted and the body in that more relaxed happy state. We focus a lot on what we do during the workout, how many reps how long, how fast... but sometimes we forget about what we do and how we treat out bodies AFTER our workout! What we do with the rest of our day, before and after out workout, is also very important. 

Here are five post-workout tips that will help your body recover optimally and keep you feeling good for the rest of your day.


1) Replenish potassium levels

Eating potassium-rich foods after your workout is a great way to replenish the natural potassium levels that get zapped in your body during a workout. Potassium is a key mineral which plays a role in muscular energy. Bananas and mashed potatoes are both great sources of potassium, and bananas can easily be thrown in a post-workout smoothie!

2) Stretch

It cant be overemphasized, your muscles need a good cool down and stretch after being worked. It is essential to stretch out after you workout and can help prevent injury. Flexibility also helps you build more muscle by extending your range. Plus, it feels SO GOOD!

3)  Do an active recovery on an off-day

On your rest days, or perhaps a day that you are just feeling extra sore or tired, do a light active recovery workout like alight bike ride, a walk, or an easy swim.

4)  Eat protein

Post-workout protein is vital, especially if you haven't eaten anything for hours.  Muscle protein breaks down during exercise and undergoes repair during post-workout recovery. In addition, the synthesizing of new muscle fibers occurs between workout sessions. Directly following a workout, your muscles are primed to begin the repair process and to incorporate amino acids into new muscle fibers.  We love making post-workout smoothies with a high quality protein powder. Eggs are a small amount of lean animal protein are also good options.  

5)  Hydrate with coconut water or an electrolyte drink

This is a great tip especially if your workout was longer than average on a given day, or particularly grueling. Electrolyte replacement is important, and since you probably consume water during your workout, following up with one of these two options is beneficial (and tasty!)

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