Hi guys! We wanted to give you a short RECAP of all the details for the Transformation Challenge that is happening NOW!

So far, so Awesome!  Find out why:

The TransformationChallenge is ON and we are already so inspired by everyone who has signed up and committed - that is the hardest step! We are loving these summer vibes, beach days, long daylight hours and...great workouts. Summer is a great time to challenge yourself because it seems that everyone just has more energy and motivation. We are challenging everyone who is part of this Challenge to really capitalize on that extra energy and daylight and push themselves and each other to the next level of their own personal fitness.

We are hearing a lot of great feedback about how people are taking advantage of all that we are offering participants of this 6 week Challenge. Its already way more that just workout routine, it is an opportunity to really transform your mind, body and lifestyle. True change is a matter of good habits, moderation, and commitment to YOURSELF! At 5 WAYFIT, are not just motivating you to work out, we are offering you an opportunity to look at all aspects of your wellness, including nutrition, meal planning and fostering community.

So the Transformation Challenge has begun and we are almost 10 days in! In case any of you still want to jump in, we DO want you to join TODAY! We have made it super easy for you guys by creating a landing page just for registration. Visit the site below to sign up now:


The Challenge began July 2nd and runs through August 13th, it is a full six week program that we designed to give you community, accountability and tons of fitness tools and resources to succeed and meet your goals. There's is no better time, than today, than right now.

Before the program began, we hosted an info night at The Narrative Loft in Santa Barbara where everyone interested got to ask all their questions and we got to spill the beans about all the awesome components of this 6 week Transformation Challenge Program. 

Here's a little recap of each of the things we are offering during this 6 week program:

  • FREE Saturday workouts with Sweat Outdoors (8:30am) and Yasa Yoga at 9:30am
  • Meal Planning (as Mark from Nutrishop reminded us, people pay hundred of dollars for this service and we are offering it to you at a fraction of that cost as part of this program)
  • Access to our closed Facebook group where we will post recipes, workouts, menu planning and offer support
  • Team shirt (who doesn't love that?!)
  • FREE body analysis at Nurtishop (which usually cost $50 per analysis) 
  • We did our first weigh-ins on day one, and our second set of weigh-ins are coming right up in a few more days. We also do a final weigh-in at the end of the 6 weeks. Oh, and YES we will have winner, and the prizes are awesome! :)
  • If you don't live in Santa Barbara, you can totally be part of the Transformation Challenge, you just need to find a Nutrishop near you and sign up there.  Your workouts and meal plans will be posted on the Facebook group!

$29 to non members, free to 5WAYFIT and Sweat Outdoors members.

If you are not a member but want to sign up, you can do so at any time during the challenge, AND if you do, we will APPLY the sign up fee AND offer you A 15% discount on your membership.