Meet Melissa Costello, published author, plant-based chef, and founder of Karma Chow, a health and nutrition coaching program. We are extremely excited to announce that Melissa has recently partnered with 5 WAYFIT in order to help you optimize your fitness goals! Melissa brings many years of expertise as a holistic nutritionist, transformational eating coach, author and speaker to her work, offering the best in nutrition consultation and wellness coaching - a perfect compliment to the 5 WAYFIT program.


A word from Melissa about her passion for health, food, and personal growth:

"I am committed to your profound and deep transformation so you can finally break free of your sabotaging behaviors when it comes to food and loving your body. I am passionate about supporting you in stepping fully into your greatness in every area of your life." 
All 5 WAYFIT members get access to the Karma Chow 5 WAYFOOD packet, a comprehensive and educational nutrition guide that Melissa crafted specially for our members, that is complimentary to the 5 WAYFIt program. This detailed guide arrives in the new member package that we send to you via email in pdf format. Members will also get to meet Melissa and hear an informative talk from her once every 6 weeks at Orientation Night! 
5 WAYFIT members who want to go further with their nutrition and wellness can contact Melissa ( for a complementary strategy session or to inquire about her coaching services, which we highly recommend! 
Our partnership with Melissa and the creation of 5 WayFood is rooted in a strong belief that how and what you eat is just as important as how you exercise if you want to transform your body and maintain optimal wellness. The two go hand in hand: Great nutrition is about eating food that is delicious and nutritious and makes you feel energized and satisfied!

You can get in touch with Melissa at to learn more about 5 WAYFOOD and the information and services she provides her clients.