5 WayFit Class Highlight

5 WAYFIT was designed to offer variety, balance and FUN in your workouts. We currently offer Cardio Kickboxing, Yoga, Sweat Outdoors, Boxing with Bags, the Dailey Method and Cycle 5. Of course, we love all of the classes we offer and our program was designed to offer you the best fitness offerings in Santa Barbara that compliment and enhance one another.

During our FREE 6-week 5 WAYFIT kick-off session, one of our classes in particular was SO popular that we had a waitlist for every class for the entire 6 weeks! Many of you who were there for that session can probably guess which class this was - Cycle 5.


If you haven't tried Cycle 5 yet - it's a must! It is like a Spin class, but 5 WAYFIT style and with 5 WAYFIT trainers. The class takes place in the the cycle room at Fit Buddha, a beautiful fitness boutique on the corner of State St. and Gutierrez St. We love this room because it offers the intimacy of a smaller class size, with warm, peaceful aesthetic and a killer sound system that allows Cycle 5 classes to rock :)

What we love about Cycle 5:

#1. It's a 50-minute booty burner!

#2 It's an excellent low-impact cardio workout! This means that you get the calorie burn, but with much less impact on your joints than classes with similar intensity.

#3 If you like smaller, more intimate classes, you will dig the Cycle 5 space.

#4 Class takes place in a super convenient downtown location with parking!

#5 Fun music! We jam out while we workout in this class!

 The Cycle 5 space at Fit Buddha.

The Cycle 5 space at Fit Buddha.


Cycle 5 is a great way to tone your lower body, enhance your cardiovascular capacity with low impact movement, and get an awesome one-hour workout in an intimate setting at one of our favorite fitness boutiques.

Check out a class if you haven't yet and let us know what you think!