What is so unique about 5 WayFit?

Question: With so many fitness options out there today, what sets 5 WAYFIT apart from the rest?


5 WAYFIT brings together the best of Santa Barbara's boutique fitness classes all in ONE program.  This offers your body and mind the variety and balance it needs to stay engaged, excited and growing healthier and stronger every day! (Plus, its just way more FUN!)



Your body LOVES variety and is at its best when ALL the different muscle groups are utilized and activated. Doing the same kind of exercise every day can get a little boring, and it simply doesn't give you an optimal overall workout. Tight muscles and injuries can also be more common when the same muscles get overworked week after week, without rest or balance.

5 WAYFIT offers a full spectrum of classes that target every part of your body, helping you maintain BALANCE and VARIETY in your workouts. It is easy to get stuck doing the same type of workout day in and day out - And you may find that before long you experience "work-out burn-out"... Sound familiar?

Now at 5 wayfit you can choose from 50 different workouts per week, including sweat outdoors, CARDIO KICKBOXING, BOXING WITH BAGS, CYCLE 5, The Dailey Method, and YOGA!

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