In thinking about WHY we join fitness programs, do cleanses and spend lots of time and money on our health and fitness, we've been reminded lately, that while clean diet and an active lifestyle are the way to maintain and improve our health, ourselves - It's always good to remember that change is inevitable... this means that yes, you CAN change your body, your mind, your life at any age and/or fitness level and all you really need are two main ingredients:   WILLPOWER and SELF LOVE. This same idea also means that unforeseen changes can occur of course at any time - be they family/career issues, illness and injury, etc. etc... there is always something happening and changing and so too are our bodies. Our bodies need different things at different times. We needs different things based on the season, our schedule, our age, our baseline health, or any other factor.

The point is: Don't be afraid of change, it's leading you to a new beginning.

We are constantly cycling through beginnings and ends in our lives. Its never-ending and so the grace and strength to roll with the changes is one of your best self-care tools you can always call upon. 

And all this is not to say that change is EASY. Quite the opposite - change can be very difficult - at times. But if it is positive change that you seek, the effort always eventually pays off and the feeling of having gotten through it and reached the goal or the transformation you sought- makes all the effort worth it. And hey, if Change is inevitable - why not make as much of it positive and intentional as you can?!?

Our Cleanse, which we talked about in our previous blog entry is SUCH a great example of this entire concept. And the proof is in how people are feeling now - day 9 on a 10-day cleanse.. Check out some more testimonials of people and you will feel the energetic, empowered tone in their words. It goes to show that facing change head on and with positivity can lead you to some really amazing places inside and in your whole life.

Was thinking today about how I was feeling during Kickboxing and I actually felt great! It's been tough I have to say but when it's tough it all makes it worthwhile to continue feeling amazing feeling great about yourself that you've accomplished something. Almost there peeps congrats to all who participated and thank you to Kayla Johnson-Neal & Melissa Costello for pushing us when sometimes we don't want it” - Denise L. Tapia-Ornelas 

 “Feeling excited! Accomplished this goal! Eating healthy is a choice! This experience has taught me so much. I am feeling good and definitely have lost weight! I did experience being more tired than usual, just a sort of non stop low energy :/ but here we are.. 1 day left!” - Melinda Rivera Rendon

“This detox is exactly what I needed! I feel like I know how to prep and make good choices and I am no longer tempted to eat C.R.A.P at work or just eat because I'm bored. Success!!! This has been an amazing journey. My plan is to continue to eat this way and reintroduce working out now that I'm not hacking up a lung so much. See you tonight at SWEAT Kayla Johnson-Neal!” -Kristine Rizo 

“I have re-discovered that I love to eat like this! And, I know how to cook/eat like this all the time, it just takes a bit of thought and proper planning. I've gotten lazy! Even though I exercise pretty regularly, I have let the convenience of eating what everyone else is eating (my husband and teenaged boys who eat lots of meat, for example) preempt making food choices that are compatible with my personal nutritional needs. I was thinking that this detox would be a physical re-set, but it has been more a mental re-set for me. I can only care well for my family and others if I take good care of myself, so I am putting myself first. I feel confident that I am making the best food choices for me and I am proud of myself for making good nutritional heath a higher priority in my life. Thanks for the kick start Kayla and Melissa!”  - Lisa Franklin Johnson