Our Fall Cleanse is ON! 

We know, for some people, the prospect of cleansing seems daunting and overwhelming. But the truth is that while, yes it is a challenge, something new and different, the body and mind LOVE it and after the first few days of adjustment, most people are flying high and loving that response their body has.. most people end up thinking "why have I never done this before??" and then (ideally) "This is how I want to feel all the time!"

We aren't going to tell you its easy - but its really not that hard either.  Our cleanse is designed to be nutritious, satisfying and actually.. fun! Melissa Costello, author, nutrition coach and chef, who is the brains behind this cleanse, and our partner in 5 WAYFOOD has created a cleanse that is transformational, gentle and easy to incorporate into daily REAL life. In order to change habits and improve our health for the long run, we gotta dig a little deeper sometimes and find that added bit of willpower to start something new. Doing this in community is a really powerful way to do so. This is the basis of what our Fall Cleanse is all about.

But don't Just take our word for it!

here are a few testimonials from some of the cleanse participants who are just a few days into the cleanse (which is definitely the hardest part of the cleanse!)


"I hesitate to call this a cleanse.  The food is so delicious that many of the recipes have become a regular part of our everyday lives and there is so much of it that you never need feel hungry or deprived.  Melissa’s constant input is priceless.  Her knowledge is perfectly matched by her positivity and encouragement.  - Tara smith

"I started the cleanse Monday, today is Day 4 and overall I feel great! I thought I would struggle with the meals but so far so good. My grocery shopping experience was a bit overwhelming but after speaking to an assistant they made me feel better and we're very helpful in getting what I needed and even explaining what some of the products were. I have been able to split most my meals into 2 which is great, I'm getting full and am learning a lot about food. This has been a great experience thus far!" - Melinda Rendon

"Today is day 4 of the detox/cleanse and I feel really good! It is actually much easier to eat healthfully when there is a plan. The first thing I noticed about cutting out sugar is that I am not ravenous between meals and I don't have intense carb cravings. The meditations, affirmations and journaling seemed a little cheesy at first but they are helpful for maintaining a mindful attitude about food." - Lisa Johnson

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We love to hear how people are integrating what they learn during the cleanse into their daily lives, post-cleanse - that's totally the point!

We are SO proud of all of you - keep up the great work!